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Tree Board

Peacham Tree Board 
The charter for Peacham’s Tree Board was adopted in June, 2006 and revised in October, 2009.  (revised charter attached)   Current members of the board are David Jacobs, Julie Lang, Bruce Maclean, Neil Monteith & Dave Stauffer.  The duties of the board are to plant and maintain trees according to the Village Tree Management Plan, dated February, 2006.  (Melissa, I have attached a copy of the plan, which I believe is also available on the town website).   The Tree Board also submits grant proposals relating to the Plan, works with the Select Board and Town Treasurer to administer any grants received, and supervises any work authorized by a grant.

Tree Board meets on an as-needed basis.  Agendas and meetings notes since its inception are available by contacting Julie Lang.

The following documents are available at the Town Clerk's Office or at 

Follow the provided link.

There is a "View the Book" box on the left hand side of the page. Within that box, there is a "DOC" or a "PDF" link depending on the type of document. Click on the link to download the file.

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