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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notice: Special SB Meeting this Friday

The Selectboard will hold a special meeting on Friday, June 24, 2011 beginning at 7:30am initially at the Town Clerk's office where state and federal representatives (Kari Dolan, Ned Swanberg, and Rob Evans) will explain the National Flood Insurance Program, provide guidance to assist with the town's application, and then possibly attend site visits to potential flood areas in town - locations to be decided within the same meeting.  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Seeking to Hire...

It is likely the town will need to hire a Grants Administrator soon.  The work will entail accumulating all the documentation necessary to recoup FEMA disaster grant funds to help pay for the roadwork, and related administrative duties.  
We will be looking for someone good at correlating information, numbers, and people.  They need to be proficient at writing, attention to detail, and keeping track of deadlines.  It would be on an independent contractor basis, working part time as needed with flexible hours.  They will need their own computer and be able to share digital updates often.  Pay will depend on their skills -- and the conditions of the grant itself when we know more about it.  Likewise, we don't know yet when the work will start or end, so more info will be forthcoming.   If you know anyone who is interested, the Selectboard welcomes their resume in our box at the town clerk's office or by email to  

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Remember road conditions are still rough so drive carefully.  With all the rain, the ground is inundated so shoulders are soft and muddy.  Please take care and be considerate of drivers in opposite lanes on roads narrowed by erosion.

Road Work Update 6/16

Bayley Hazen Road from the blacktop to Ewells Mills Road (Ski Tow Road) is now open. That project has been completed.

Since the emergency work has been mostly completed, except for the remaining closed roads, it is our intention to try to complete repairs as quickly as possible. As noted yesterday, there is a lack of available material but the road crew is still working long hours to do everything it can. Completing repairs will consist of fixing the ditches, opening plugged culverts, and laying down a top coat of gravel. The point of trying to complete work on a road is to attempt to prevent future destruction of the work already performed.  We will also be working to get one-lane areas back to two-lanes as soon as we can.

The first finish project will be Old Cemetery Road. That should be finished sometime next week. At the same time, another crew will be working on Macks Mountain Road. That road will take at least another two weeks to complete. After Old Cemetery Road we will move to Green Bay Loop to finish that project. Again that will probably take close to two weeks. Once these roads are done we will post the next roads to be tackled.

This schedule is entirely dependent upon cooperation from Mother Nature. Another weather event or other emergency will mean a new schedule. Let us hope that the crazy weather is over.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road Work Update

Work has been slowed by the availability of material. Many of the gravel pits are out of stone or only have what they can produce that day so we have experienced some delays. Work proceeds as quickly as it can. All the rain this week has not helped. The last list of closed roads hasn't changed.

Now that most of the emergency work has been done, we hope to have a schedule of road work prepared by the end of the week. We will post that here as soon as we can.

We are still waiting for a determination of funding eligibility from FEMA.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Penny Street is open

Penny Street is open now to the last house.

Update from the State (Avoiding Fraud)


Mark Bosma, Public Information Officer
Vermont Emergency Management
(800) 347-0488
2:00 p.m.
Avoid Fraud When Recovering From Flood
 WATERBURY – Many Vermonters continue to or are beginning to rebuild and recover from floods.  As that work continues, Vermont Emergency Management wants to remind residents to be on the lookout for dishonest contractors looking to cash-in on the disaster.
      Although there have been NO reports of it happening in this disaster, fraudulent contractors sometimes go door-to-door after catastrophic events to find victims who are in need of assistance.
      The Vermont Attorney General’s Office Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) urges consumers to fully checkout contractors before agreeing to any work.  Information and important questions to ask are available on the CAP website under: Home Improvement FAQs.

Watch out for the following warning signs of lees than reputable contractors:
•Solicit door-to-door and are not local to the area.
•Inform you that they were passing by and noticed a problem with your home.
•Offer you discounts for finding other customers or promise that the job will be a "demonstration."
•Just happen to have materials left over from a previous job and can give you a really good price.
•Only accept cash payments.
•Pressure you to make a decision on the spot.
•Ask you to pay for the entire job or a substantial portion of the job up front.
•Suggest that you borrow money from a lender the contractor knows.

     If you have a question about a contractor or suspect fraud, call the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program office at (800) 649-2424 or (802) 656-3183.
      Vermont’s home improvement fraud registry lists all contractors convicted of criminal home improvement fraud at: Home Improvement Fraud Registry.
 Vermont Attorney General web site:
 Mark Bosma, Public Information Officer
Vermont Emergency Management  (800) 347-0488

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Closed Roads Update

The following roads are still closed:

  1. Governor Mattocks- entire length

  2. Willow Brook- entire length

  3. County Road- from Goss to Keenan

  4. Morrison Hill Road- class 4 section

  5. Rake Factory Brook Road- entire Peacham section

Paved Roads Update

Repairs have been made to the large washout on the Peacham-Barnet Road in South Peacham. However, please be careful in that area as the guardrails won't be replaced until later this week.

We have one crew working to repair the shoulders of the paved roads. This will help stabilize the pavement and prevent very expensive retreatment in the near future.

Part of Bayley Hazen Road open now

Bayley Hazen Rd. at the intersection of Ewells Mill Rd. & Ski Tow Rd. is now open (with temporary one-lane at the broken culvert).

Link to Photos of Road Damage

Again, road damage throughout Peacham is extensive.  For photos, see  These are to document damaged areas in preparation for applying for FEMA assistance.  The town road crew and our hired contractors are still making 'temporary' repairs for at least another month.  We need to get all our roads to the point they are safely navigable before we can begin the phase of widening, surfacing, replacing undersized culverts, and bringing all roads up to our overall normal standards.  We have a lengthy, costly way to go.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Additional Update 6/6/11

A very significant section of Rake Factory Road is completely washed out so that road joins our list of closed roads.
Road Update 6/6/11

Aiken Farm Road, Farrow Farm Road, and Old Cemetery Road are now open. Like most roads in town they remain rough but passable.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Storm Aftermath

The damage to town roads from the 5/27 storm & flooding is more extensive than many realize.  Please be patient & help spread the word.  Roads closed and severely damaged are listed in posts below.  Other road hazards can appear suddenly:
- sides of roads may be undercut & narrow; 
- there may be sinkholes and washboarding; 
- current temporary repairs are quick & rough with large stones.
Additional signs and cones have not arrived yet.  Please understand that our road crew – along with other contractors hired temporarily – are working exhausting hours under grueling conditions.
> We ask you do not stop to ask for favors.  Conversations add up and cost money for each delay.  
> The crew will also be in triage mode well into the summer.  We prioritize repairs based on a number of factors including safety, school bus routes, main arteries, availability of materials  (quarries are running low) & other factors.  You can leave messages at the Town Garage 592-3101.

Regular summer road maintenance such as spraying chloride to keep dust down will happen late, if at all.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.  

Another reminder: most rights-of-way for public roads are 49.5 feet.  We recommend you not plant or place anything within the right of way or it is likely to get damaged, graveled or plowed over.  Some items could also pose a hazard to other drivers and vehicles.  We sometimes overlook encroachments, but extraordinary events like this mean we may need to enforce public rights and get lanes passable without delay. 

VT Route 2 near the Goodrich Maple Farm appears to be open again.
Some examples of Peacham's road damage:

Roads Closed

The following roads or sections of roads are still closed:

1.      Aiken Farm Road- the entire Peacham section
2.      Old Cemetery Road- from Willow Brook Road to Don Moore’s driveway-
        currently passable for emergency vehicles
3.      Willow Brook Road- the entire road
4.      County Road from Keenan’s to Goss’s
5.      Bayley Hazen Road (Ski Tow Road) from the blacktop to Ewell’s Mills Rd.
6.      Governor Mattocks Road- entire  length
7.      Farrow Farm Road- washout at Barnet town line
8.      Morrison Hill Road- class 4 section
9.      Rake Factory Brook road

Roads with Severe Damage

The following roads are severely damaged.  These roads have at least one lane open.  We're not able to offer a time frame for permanent 
repairs at the moment. (They are listed in no particular order.)

   1. Macks Mountain Road
   2. Slack Street
   3. Ewell’s Mill Road
   4. Bayley Hazen Road
   5. Hollow Woods Road
   6. Blanchard Hill Road
   7. East Peacham Road
   8. Old County Road
   9. Hookerville Cutoff
   10. Somers Road
   11. Thaddeus Stevens Road
   12. Way Road
   13. Green Bay Loop
   14. The Great Road
   15. Peacham-Barnet Road
   16. Keiser Pond Road
   17. Penny Street
   18. Ha’Penny Road
   19. Maple Tree Lane
   20. Academy Hill Road
   21. Stevenson Road
   22. Young Farm Road
   23. Peacham Pond Road
   24. Onion Point Road
   25. The Lane